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Piano Life Saver System - Pianofix

pianolifesaverThe Piano Life Saver System is a unique system which creates a microclimate around the instrument by checking and adjusting the humidity in extreme weather conditions. The dry climate and the sharp fluctuations that may occur during the winter months are particularly damaging to a piano and its soundboard. Cracks are not uncommon and even strand breaks. Moreover, it allows the instrument to go easily out of tune because of the wood in the soundboard which dries and also all the wooden parts of the mechanism. This increases the wear on all moving parts.  A knock on effect makes keys stick or strike incorrectly as well as sound deterioration. The piano will be difficult to play. This entails additional costs if you need to call a piano technician / tuner.

A cracked soundboard can provide a cracked, buzzing or ringing sound that occurs when certain music plays. The sound of the piano can be changed or disappear depending on how much the soundboard is affected.

Pianos that have already cracked soundboard can sometimes regain their connotation and crack / cracks can, by increasing humidity to normal levels, decrease in size or even completely stop themselves because the wood swells when it absorbs moisture.

A tuned instrument will remain tuned much longer with a Piano Life Saver System. The wood moves minimally and does not affect the soundboard and its attachment to the strings, which means that the atmosphere becomes enormously stable.

The system is extremely quiet and will not be heard during operation. Mechanical parts are preserved and wear properly because forces are right. The pitch (440Hz for pianos, slightly higher for the wings) is maintained which gives the most beautiful sound that you can get out of the instrument. The system automatically monitors itself.

A green light indicates that everything is working as it should. No action is required.

Yellow light flashing indicating that the water needs to be replenished. An accompanying pitcher ensures that the correct amount is filled in each time.

Red light indicates that the system has dried because no replenishment has occurred. Urgent action.

I am a person skilled in the Piano Life Saver System and installation takes 2-3 hours.

Piano Manufacturers rekommmenderar this system are:

Baldwin, Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Kawai, Pearl River Piano Petrof, Sauter Schimmel, Seiler, Steingraeber, Steinway and Yamaha.

The system provides a stable and controlled environment for the instrument during the whole year, regardless of climate and temperature changes. The Piano Life Saver is not visible after assembly, it is in (pianos) or below the (wings) of the instrument. There are 3 models: upright pianos, grand pianos for over 200 cm and grand pianos of o200 cm (double tanks).

Direct benefits from the use of The Piano Life Saver climate:

Stabilised tuning, maintain pitch and extend both a tuning and increase the life of the piano.

Minimizes expansion and contraction of the mechanical parts in wood. (And there are many!)

Provides a well-functioning mechanism that does not require as much maintenance = reduced costs.

Prevents moisture and rust on the strings and metal parts.

Reduces the problem of Hammarnäs blanket coating hardening which gives a crisp, sharp and penetrating tone. The opposite case provides a moist and soft hammer that emits a faint, subdued dull tone without overtones.

Reduces cracked glue joints because the strain is reduced.

Protect and care for your expensive investment year after year.

Hans Vesterberg is a certified professional for installation of this system.